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Optional CustomReportFunction

CustomReportFunction: string

Function that is invoked when running a Custom Report.

A Custom Report is one where the ReportRowScope property is set to 'CustomRows'

The name of the function is provided here and then an implementation with the same name should be included in UserFunctions section of AdaptableOptions.

The actual function itself receives the name of the Report as the sole parameter and returns the data to display in the report

This data should be in the nature of an array of arrays.

Note: the data should not include the Column Names - they are given in the ColumnIds property of the report.

The Signature of the function is:

((reportName: string) => any[])

Optional Expression

Expression: string

The Expression string itself - which will be evaluated using the Adaptable parser


Name: string

The name of the Report - a mandatory property


ReportColumnScope: "AllColumns" | "VisibleColumns" | "SelectedColumns" | "ScopeColumns" | "CustomColumns"

Which Columns are contained in the Report. The choices are:

  • AllColumns - all columns in your DataSource

  • VisibleColumns - all columns that are in the Grid when the Report is run (by visible we mean all columns which are not explicity hidden, so it includes any columns that are not in the current view port but can be scrolled across to)

  • SelectedColumns - all columns which are currently selected (only available in Vendor Grids where multiple columns can be selected)

  • ScopeColumns - a list of Columns to be provided by you; if the Report is built using the UI Wizard a separate page appears to facilitate this column selection

  • CustomColumns - only used when you want to run a report externally (and not through AdapTable)


ReportRowScope: "AllRows" | "VisibleRows" | "SelectedCellRows" | "SelectedRows" | "ExpressionRows" | "CustomRows"

Which Rows are exported when the Report runs. The choices are:

  • AllRows - all rows in your DataSource

  • VisibleRows - all rows that are in the Grid when the Report is run (by visible we mean all rows which are not explicity filtered, so it includes any rows that are not in the current view port but can be scrolled down to)

  • SelectedCells - all cells currently selected (depending on the Grid being used, selected cells do not need to be contiguous)

  • SelectedRows - all cells in all currently selected rows (depending on the Grid being used, selected rows do not need to be contiguous)

  • ExpressionRows - the Expression (or Query) that should be run to see which rows to include in the exported data.

Optional Scope

Which columns to include in the report.

This is only required if the ReportColumnScope is 'ScopedColumns' or 'CustomColumns'

Optional SharedQueryId

SharedQueryId: TypeUuid

Reference to the Uuid property of existing Shared Query in Query State

Optional Uuid

Uuid: TypeUuid

A unique identifier for the Adaptable Object

Generated and used internally by AdapTable to compare State objects

Do not provide this property when defining an AdaptableObject in Predefined Config as AdapTable will do it automatically when the application loads.

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