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The Predefined Configuration for the Export function




Optional CurrentReport

CurrentReport: string

The Report that is currently selected in the Export dropdown..

Optional CustomDestinations

CustomDestinations: string[]

A list of any Report Destinations provided by Users

AdapTable offers Excel (depending on your module), CSV, Clipboard and JSON as destinations.

To add a custom destination - list it here and then provide the implementation of the function that AdapTable will call in UserFunctions section of AdaptableOptions.

Optional Reports

Reports: Report[]

Any user-created Reports.

Each report contains a name and Row and Column Scope (essentially which rows and columns to export).

Additionally Adaptable ships with 'System Reports' which will be automatically available to users.

Default Value: Empty array

Optional Revision

Revision: number

The 'version' number of the Item - used for when developers want to update one section in Predefined Config while keeping others unchanged.

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