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The Predefined Configuration for the Cell Summary function

Cell Summary shows information about the selected cells in the Adaptable Blotter using a number of Operations.

Note: if you are using the Finance plug-in, extra finance-related operations are available.

Further AdapTable Help Resources

Demo Site | Cell Summary API | Cell Summary Read Me

Cell Summary Operations

Operation Description
Sum Total of all selected cells
Average Average of all selected cells
Median Median of all selected cells
Distinct Lists all distinct values in the selected cells
Max Highest value in selected cells
Min Lowest value in selected cells
Count Count of selected cells

Finance Plugin Additional Operations

Operation Description
Only If all cells are same value it returns that value; otherwise it returns nothing
VWAP Runs VWAP analysis - requires selection of 2 contiguous columns




Optional CellSummaryOperationDefinitions

CellSummaryOperationDefinitions: CellSummaryOperationDefinition[]

Array of CellSummaryOperationDefinition - to be provided by at Design Time

Each CellSummaryOperationDefinition contains a name and a refrence to the OperationFunction which is run when selected cells need to be summarised

Optional Revision

Revision: number

The 'version' number of the Item.

Used for when developers want to update one section in Predefined Config while keeping others unchanged.

If the Revision number in Predefined Config is greater than the one stored in the User's state, then the section in Predefined Config will be used, and will replace the State.

If the Revision number in Predefined Config is not greater than the one stored in the User's state, then it is ignored as its already been passed into the User's state (and potentially superseded).

See Adaptable State Guide for more information.

Note: This is the only property in ConfigState - the base class for all Adaptable State objects.

Optional SummaryOperation

SummaryOperation: CellSummaryOperation | string

The Current Summary Operation being used

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