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Options for managing Charts in Adaptable

Properties to set how and where charts are displayed

chartOptions = {
 displayOnStartUp: true,
 showModal: false,
 pieChartMaxItems: 30,


  • ChartOptions



Optional displayOnStartUp

displayOnStartUp: boolean

Whether or not a chart is displayed at start up.

Only applies if the CurrentChartName property in Chart State is not empty.

Default Value: false

Optional pieChartMaxItems

pieChartMaxItems: number

The maximum number of items to show in a pie chart.

This only applies to non numeric columns, because for numeric columns we create bands automatically.

Default Value: 50 (If this number is too big then the pie chart will be difficult to read.)

Optional showModal

showModal: boolean

Whether to show charts in a modal popup.

If true, then we ignore the chartContainer property when working out where to show the chart; otherwise they appear in the div that is specified im chartContainer.

Default Value: false

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