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Options related to Queries (aka Expressions) in Adaptable.

Many functions in Adaptable use Queries to enable users to identify a set of rows for a particular task (e.g. Search, Export, Conditional Style, Chart etc.)

Each Query / Expression can include multiple column conditions and can be include any or all of Column Value Lists, Filters and Query Ranges.

queryOptions = {
 maxColumnValueItemsDisplayed: 1000,
 columnValuesOnlyInQueries: true
 ignoreCaseInQueries: false


  • QueryOptions



Optional columnValuesOnlyInQueries

columnValuesOnlyInQueries: boolean

Whether the query builder will include just ColumnValues in the UI it displays.

If false (the default) the Query Builder UI will display 3 tabs: Column Values, Filters and Ranges.

This option is useful primarily if you are running Server Searching and want more easily to translate Adaptable Query JSON into something you can readily understand.

Default Value: false

Optional getColumnValues

getColumnValues: function

Used when you want to dynamically provide Adaptable with a list of column values each time its required (e.g. in Column Filters, or when building Queries or in Bulk Update).

The property returns a promise that includes the Column Values whih the user (dev team) will provide each time it is needed.

If this not set Adaptable will use PermittedColumnValues (in User Interface State) if they have been set.

Otherwise it will build a list of distince values for the column dynamically.

Default Value: null

Type declaration

Optional ignoreCaseInQueries

ignoreCaseInQueries: boolean

Whether or not to ignore case when running queries on text (string) columns.

If set to false (the default is 'true') then [StartsWith 'c'] will return false for the value 'Canada' but true for 'charlie'.

Default Value: true

Optional maxColumnValueItemsDisplayed

maxColumnValueItemsDisplayed: number

Sets how many items to display in column value listboxes when building queries.

Useful when datasource is very large with a huge number of distinct values for a column.

Note: This value is also used when populating the Column Filter and when using Bulk Update.

Default Value: 2,000

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